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Looking for nanny

You need to feel absolute trust before you let somebody spend time with your child. We offer you this.

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I wish to be a nanny

You love children and would like to fill your time up with something that makes sense. You wish to help the family you have taken fancy for.

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First you must get to know the nanny well before you entrust the most valuable thing - your child – to her. We will advise you how to proceed.

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Advice and experience

Not sure whether you wish to have a nanny, or to be one? Let’s us advise you.


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We will find for you:

Nanny for several hours a week or even full-time one.

Nanny for a newborn child, toddler or schoolboy/schoolgirl.

Nanny with appropriate qualification,
which may include:
- foreign language knowledge, driving licence, cooking skills, health care and
other skills as necessary

Housekeeper for cleaning, ironing and other domestic services.

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Familiata.cz - a nanny that becomes part of the family

All nannies we recommend have been verified. We actively obtain references from families and workplaces the nannies worked at. We train nannies even during the period they work actively for our clients. Each nanny undergoes a psychological test according to your request.
Nannies are selected by professional consultants with many years of practice in human resources.

Besides professional minders, our nannies include also women who have good relation to children, have terminated their occupation and look for new fulfilment. Large part of them comes from health care or school system, but it is not our condition. Although we cooperate also with nannies of younger age, women in their forties or fifties prevail in our database. Experience with children and good references are s condition, appropriate education and practice is an advantage.